Automatic Digital Creasing Machine

Versatile in paper selection

HV-C340A is auto feeding creasing machine. It can crease clear lines on many kinds of papers. Not only coated art paper, tough paper, but also photocopy paper. It can crease indents for paperback books, files, name cards, photos, invitations, etc.

Humanization desige

HV-C340A has the function of bilingual display. Multiple choice meet different types of the client needs. Non-paper/paper jam detection is also one of features. It is convenient for customer to solve some problems. And it is also rapid to adjust the skew of indentation and the depth of indentation freely because of humanization design.

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Paper Creasing MachineHV-C340A
Paper Feeding ModeAuto Feeding
Paper Feeding Speed35-50sheets/min (A4 Horizontal)
Paper Feeding Breadth30-330mm(W): 3000mm(L)
Creasing Thickness0-400g
Creasing Interval0.8mm
Creasing Precision0.3mm
Creasing AmountUp to 16strips
Creasing Tool StandardSingle, Double, Dotted(Optionally available)
Power Supply220V,50Hz
Product Size1200mm(L)*470mm(W)*435mm(H)
WeightN.G: 65kg   G.W: 78kg