A3 One Roller Perfect Glue Binder Machine

A3 One Roller Perfect Glue Binder Machine

1. Intelligent control 7 inches touch screen display with multi-parameter setting.

2. Vertical cover clamping station.

3. High-power motor, 20 teeth sun milling cutter make the perfect milling and book.

4. Open operation flat with cover location device

5. Non-glue ends control, avoiding excess glue at either end of book

6. Convenient worktable double as cover for storage.

7. Smart side-gluing device makes the firm and perfect binding.

8. Adjustable cover-clamping station for different type of cover, lets you adjusts roundness or squareness of spine.

9. Self Developed Operation Program, supporting multi-language operation system.

10. Self-detection system for problems – extra option program.

11. Easy scoring on line – extra option device.

12. Smoke extractor to remove glue fumes to protect your health – extra option device.

13. More free OEM services for reseller – Please consult our sales.

14. Working video: https://youtu.be/GTnESuX2fWA and https://youtu.be/ew_Ew2qq4cA  

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A3 One Glue Roll Book Perfect Binder Machine

NameA3 Side Glue Book Glue Binding Machine
Control panel7 inches Touch Screen
Max binding length425mm
Max binding thickness60 mm
Binding efficiency250~400 books/hour
Milling cutterSolar milling cutter+small milling cutter
Duration for glue melt<25min
Glue RollerSingle roller
Side glueYES
Voltage/PowerAC220V ±10% 50HZ 1.5KW
Gross weight220kgs
Packing size1590*750*1100mm